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Diplomatico Añejo


The Rum: Diplomatico Añejo 40 abv

Origin: Venezuela

Distilled : n.i., by Destilerias Unidas

Bottled: ca 2013


Nose: lots of caramel and vanilla, raisins, haribo sweets, a slight vegetal touch (clove) and some nutty aroma’s, all ending with soft black pepper

Taste: Rather sweet, again lots of caramel and very subtle a hint of tropical fruits. The end gets a bit more spicy. No offnotes..but not the most complex rum either.

Finish: sweet and a little fruity, the rather short finish ends with a harsh throat feeling.


Our score : *** Nothing wrong with this rum…just a bit harsh and rather…well…boring. But then again… price/quality ratio this Diplomatico is OK.

Dictador Amber 100 months – 40 abv


Let’s continue our Dictador session with the basis rum for the Dictador Cafe. It is basically the same rum, but without the filtration through Arabica coffee.


The Rum: Dictador Amber 100 months old – 40 abv

Origin: Colombia

Distilled: n.i. in column stills

Bottled: 2014

Age: 100 months, maturation in ex-bourbon casks


Nose: Fresh and fruity, with some vegetal notes on the background. Vanilla and that mokka aroma that is so typical for Dictador. Also some white chocolate. Give it a good 20 minutes, and out comes the citrus, carried by a slight seabreeze


Taste: Again..mokka, coffee and Haribo sweets. Maybe a little less mokka and coffee than the Dictador Cafe, and less creamy; but a bit more on the sweeter side; with very nice fruity tones. In the end accompanied by some subtle tobacco notes.


Finish: mediumlong and smooth, coffee, very fine melasses. A bit more punch than the Dictador Cafe.


Our score : *** . Yes, I actually like this a bit more than the Cafe version. It’s rather similar in taste, but this one seems to have just that bit more ‘ooomph’ in it.

Dictador Cafe 100 months


The good people from Dictador rum have launched 4 new rums. Time for The Sugar Cane Collection to taste them for you. Well.. 3 of them anyway. There’s also one with orange peel infuse. Don’t mind me skipping that one, thank you!

The Rum: Dictador Cafe 100 Months – 40 abv

Origin: Colombia

Distilled: n.i.continuos stills

Bottled: 2014

Age : 100 months in ex-bourbon barels

Remarks: after being distilled, the rum has been filtered through Arabica coffee beans

Nose : molasses, mocha, and a wee whiff of pepper. Charred aroma’s, a bit of burnt wood. Give it some time in the glass, and out come some strong nutty aroma’s.

Taste : now the coffee really kicks in. Creamy mokka icecream dominates the palate, leaving just a little room for the more sweet flavours and a subtle nutty taste. Who needs an Irish coffee when you can have this? Maybe a tad too soft for me. I would love to try this at 46 abv.

Finish : fades away rather quickly, only the coffee notes manage to linger on just a little bit longer.

Our score : ***. Could even have been a bit higher if it had somemore ‘oompf’ – punch that is – and a longer finish.