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Sapucaia Velha Tradicional 5 yo


The cachaça: Sapuciaia Velha Tradicional

Region: São Paulo – Brazil

Distilled: 2009 in copper pot stills

Bottled: 2014 at 40,5 abv

Matured in oak casks

Nose: sugar cane juice, warm toasted bread, delicious roasted meat (picanha) and somme nutty flavours. Very rich, round and surprising. This has absolutely nothing to do with the industrial cachaça you find in Europe.

Taste: Soft sweet notes with nice citrus hints. Haribo sweets. Little drying. Subtle oak influences.

Finish: Medium long with the ideal abv. Slightly drying with the oak playing first violin now.


Our score: ****

Remarks: this is the perfect result of a slowly fermented cachaça. Fermentation is done without any dried yeast, but only natural wild yeasts and cornflower; resulting in a richer and rounder taste.