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Caninha da Roça

The Cachaça: Caninha da Roça – 39 abv

Origin: Rio das Pedras – Sao Paulo.

Distilled: 08 july 2011

Maturation: none

This could very well be the shortest tastingnotes in history…

Nose: most, yeast, sugarcane

Taste: new make

Finish: new make, coming back with a horrible bitterness.

Remarks : Pllllease don’t even use this for caipirinha or other cocktails, unless you need to poison your mother in law.

Our Score : * (and that’s even too much)

Belize 7 yo ‘Prime Minister Edition’ Plantation


The Rum : Belize 7 yo ‘Prime Minister Edition’ by Plantation for The Nectar (Belgium) – 43 abv

Origin: Belize

Distilled: ca 2006

Bottled: 2013 – cask 2/6 – 450 bottles. Late Harvest Cask Finish


Nose: First impression is cognac, but also some very nice fruity notes: tropical fruits followed by peaches. Soft herbal with a little whiff of vanilla. Soft nose without any aggressive alcohol. After a good 15 minutes in the glass a delicate floral perfume with more vanilla now.

Taste:  A rather strange but very pleasant mixture of sweet raisins, banana (pisang), chocolate with nuts and even some smoke. In the middle of the palate a little bitter note that quickly drowns in the overall sweetness of the  rum.

Finish: Retakes all the flavours of the taste, being a little less sweeter and more wood influence. Long finish.

Our score :*** For not even €50 this is a stunner indeed.

Remarks:  A very pleasant rum from a small nation that surely deserves its place on the rum map. This 7 yo shows great maturity. I suppose this is a sister cask of the Belize 7 yo Late Harvest  bottled for Juuls Vin & Spiritus?

Jamaica 1983 Single Cask – Plantation for The Nectar


The Rum: Jamaica 1983 sc Plantation for the Nectar (Belgium) – 42 abv. Cask 1/1 – 150 bottles only.

Origin: Jamaica. My guess….Long Pond distillery (well known for the Captain Morgan brand).

Distilled: 1983

Bottled: 2011

Maturation: Finished in Cognac casks.


Nose: This is subtle and powerful at the same time. Raisins, and candied orange. A little whiff of mocha and crème brûlée. Even a slight vegetal side too.

Taste : my first impression was that this rum was a bit punchier than 42 abv. Perfect sweetness, without ever becoming too sweet. For an almost 30 yo rum – with the main part of the maturation in tropical Jamaica – the influence of the oak isn’t too overpowering at all. It’s there all right, but gentle playing on the background. After a good 15 minutes in the glass, I get more vanilla and chocolate notes.

Finish: Sweet again, but in good balance with the wood. A little nuttiness, and on the back of the tongue some verbena.


Our score : 18/20. Excellent rum indeed.

Remarks: This actually was a bargain in 2011, selling for about € 75. Now however almost impossible to find.

Benvinda Ouro – 38 abv


The cachaça: Benvinda Ouro (for Bebidas Marbella) – 38 abv

Origin: Patos de Minas (Minas Gerais)

Distilled : n/i; lot 02/2002

Bottled: january 2010

Maturation: Jequitiba Rose

Nose: very fine and subtle with fruity hints and sugar cane. Floral : lily of the valley. Some vanilla too. After 15 minutes it gets more spicy : pimento.

Taste: soft sweetness in good balance. Very refined, probably thanks to the jequitiba casks: they don’t change the flavour much, but purify the cachaça. After 15 minutes some dark cherries and fresh sugar cane juice (which is rather strange, after a good 8 to 10 years in the cask). All-in all a very pleasant easy drinking cachaça; but for my personal taste this might have been better at 40 – 42 abv.

Finish: the sweetness gets through now, with the overall getting a bit more woody. A medium long finish that slowly fades away, only to come back with a refined bitterness in perfect balance with the sweetness, lasting very long.

Our Score: 17/20

Remarks:  About 90% of the sugarcane used is locally cultivated by the producer. Not (yet?) available in Europe. Expect to pay around 50-55 reais in Brazil (about € 17)