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New Grove Old Tradition 8 yo


The Rum: New Grove Old Tradition 8 yo

Origin: Mauritius

Distilled : not indicated

Bottled: 2013


Nose: Starts soft and a bit vegetal, with some soury aromas too. Needs some time to get more pleasant and rounder. Brown sugar and grapefruit now.  Also some exotic fruits: mango!  A rather strange nose that goes in all directions without being very consistent. But still pleasant, no offnotes.

Taste: starts rather bitter, with nice wood. Tonic. After a good 10 minutes more fruity and floral notes. Sweets and raspberry. Mango and passion fruit

Finish: medium long, with again nice wood, ending with some violets.


Our score : not bad, but definitely not my favourite New Grove. ***

New Grove Single Barrel #1304 149



The Rum: New Grove Single Barrel #1304 149 – 49,9 abv

Origin: Mauritius

Distilled: 2004

Bottled: 2013/2014


Nose: Soft vegetal notes and a light sea breeze; dark sugar, warm vanilla and a very subtle hint of smoke. Herbal too: nutmeg. The higher alcohol level camouflages part of the aromas.


Taste: now this is a rum to my liking! Tropical fruits all the way: passion, mango, but also peaches and raspberry. The initial alcohol bite on the front of the tongue fades quickly away, making the rum more pleasant and soft.


Finish: Fruity again. This is the kind of finish you wish would last forever; but alas: the fruitiness fades away, making room for more influences of the wood: bourbon vanilla and green banana.


Our Score: *****

1999 Brasil by Samaroli



The Rum: Brasil 1999 by Samaroli – 45 abv

Distilled: 1999. There’s no indication on the distillery. Could it be Epris? Only a wild guess…

Bottled: 2011, 240 bottles (cask 22-25/46-50)


Nose: this must be the Clynelish amongst rums. It starts with this very greasy wax notes. Cherries and a whiff of grapefruit too.

Taste: sweet without ever becoming too sweet or sticky. Cherries on alcohol, red fruits. Some hints of tropical fruits. White flowers and warming spices

Finish: sweet cherry candy, with the very long finish evolving slowly towards a fine bitterness from the wood.


Our Score : ****

Remarks:  this Brazilian beauty was sold for around €90, but now almost impossible to find.