Dictador Amber 100 months – 40 abv


Let’s continue our Dictador session with the basis rum for the Dictador Cafe. It is basically the same rum, but without the filtration through Arabica coffee.


The Rum: Dictador Amber 100 months old – 40 abv

Origin: Colombia

Distilled: n.i. in column stills

Bottled: 2014

Age: 100 months, maturation in ex-bourbon casks


Nose: Fresh and fruity, with some vegetal notes on the background. Vanilla and that mokka aroma that is so typical for Dictador. Also some white chocolate. Give it a good 20 minutes, and out comes the citrus, carried by a slight seabreeze


Taste: Again..mokka, coffee and Haribo sweets. Maybe a little less mokka and coffee than the Dictador Cafe, and less creamy; but a bit more on the sweeter side; with very nice fruity tones. In the end accompanied by some subtle tobacco notes.


Finish: mediumlong and smooth, coffee, very fine melasses. A bit more punch than the Dictador Cafe.


Our score : *** . Yes, I actually like this a bit more than the Cafe version. It’s rather similar in taste, but this one seems to have just that bit more ‘ooomph’ in it.


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