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Plantation 3 Stars


Our next rum is often presented as a mixer. Now let’s see if this means it’s undrinkable as a ‘neat’ rum or not. Presenting :


The Rum: Plantation 3 Stars – 41.2 %

Origin : Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad

Distilled: not indicated

Bottled : not indicated – ca 2013, by Cognac Ferrand


Nose: Fresh sugarcane juice, but refined and subtle. Fruity aromas and vanilla, with a hint of coconut and some mango and papaya. Give it a good 20 minutes and the vanilla comes through much stronger, accompanied by green bananas and some more powerful spices


Taste: Soft, fruity : banana, tropical fruits.  Also some orange zest and a minty freshness. Medium sweet. Seems to me it’s mostly the Barbados rum doing the talking here, with the Jamaican rum playing second violin, giving the whole a bit more power. Now this might miss some complexity, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with this rum. It goes down real smooth and easy.


Finish: like the taste, but a little less pronounced. A little oaky bitterness and the very end. Nice, but rather short. Let the finish last a bit longer, and you gain an extra point.


Our Score : ***

Remarks :This is a blend of unaged rum from Barbados; a clear filtered 3-year-old rum from Trinidad, and the Jamaican composed of two Jamaican styles, an unaged rum  and a small amount of  12-year-old rum.

A mixer? Maybe. But highly drinkable ‘neat’. And more important : for around €20 this is excellent value for your money !

Sunset Very Strong Rum – 84.5%



Let’s try a bit of a special rum now…one that has bene bottled at a whopping 84.5 abv. One that is intended to use as a mixer or as a float, and NOT for drinking neat.  Something we did do however…since it’s the only way to make some tasting notes. Mind you…apparently the locals drink it straight up, immediately chased down with a glass of water or soda. Locally available for around U$ 7 – 8

So without further ado…. (and with many thanks to Diederik for smuggling this one in his suitcase for me)

The Rum: Sunset Very Strong Rum – 84.5 abv

Origin: St. Vincent and Grenadines

Distilled: ca 2013 in 2 column stills by St. Vincent Distillers Ltd

Bottled: ca 2013

Unaged overproof rum from fermented molasses


Nose: alcohol all the way..but that’s no surprise really. Fresh sugar cane juice, clean aromas, whiff of white pepper

Taste: hottttttt. Again fresh sugar cane juice, with a hint of coconut and a slight bitter undertone.  Allpossible finesse is drawned in the alcohol of course.

Finish: mediumlong and warm, with notes of white chocolate and woody dryness.  Not for the faint hearted !

Our Score : ***

Guatemala Gran Anejo Plantation


Why not continue our walk through the Plantation range with this one :

The Rum: Plantation Guatemala Gran Anejo – 42 abv

Origin: Guatemala. No distillery is indicated but since there’s only one left in Guatemala: Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala – home of the rather famous Zacapa. Other distilleries in Guatemala don’t make rum but aguardiente (according to law in Guatemala regarding rum)

Distilled: not indicated

Bottled : ca 2012


Nose: Very fine perfume of white flowers (lily of the valley) with rich vanilla, coconut and even a slight sea breeze. Some typical rum aroma’s, but more refined and subtle than  your average rum. After a good 15 minutes also more herbal : like a meadow on a hot summer day.

Taste: sweeter than to be expected after the nosing. Sugarcane, but nothing to brutal. Finesse is yet again the word here. A little oak, but never getting to bitter. Dry fruits now going side by side with dark chocolate. Brown sugar too.

Finish : the sweetness stays, the finish is very long; slowly getting a wee bit dryer with the chocolate notes slowly making room for herbal bonbons. Again refined yet rather powerful.  A Central-American beauty to cherish !


Our Score : ****


Remarks : Rum from Guatemala lies somewhere in between the rum traditionel and the rhum agricole I guess. To be labled rum in Guatemala the spirit must be distilled from so called  “fermented virgin sugar cane honey” : a dark sweet syrup made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. You filter the fresh sugar cane juice and boil off the water until the syrup contains about 72% sugar. Most of the sugar cane is cut by hand, after being burned to make it easier to cut the cane. This way the sugar is partially caramelized .