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New Grove single cask 14-05-70 – 2005

The Rum: New Grove Single Cask #14-05-70 for Tasttoe, Crombé and Vinothek Massen

Origin: Mauritius

Distilled: 2005

Bottled: end 2014 at 55 abv – 300 bottles

Matured in Limousin Cask


Nose: so different from the other, younger, single cask. Soft sugar and maraschino cherry. Tropical fruits (mainly mango) playing in the background. After 15 minutes more spicy with lots of white pepper. Nice multi-layered aromas. That typical vegetal nose that so many New Groves have, is far away here. And honestly….that’s a good thing!


Taste: An explosion of tropical fruits, rather surprising because those notes are more hidden in the nose. Mango, banana, passion fruit. Medium sweet and almost no bitter influences from the cask. This rum is straight up my alley!! After 15 minutes the fruit makes room for refined molasses and some verbena.


Finish: Medium long with the same exotic fruits; and at the very end the oak that comes shining through. Make the finish a bit longer, and this rum comes close to perfection. In my opinion: a must have !


Our score: *****

Amazonia Club white cachaça


The Cachaça: Amazonia Club

Region: not indicated, Brasil

Distilled: ca 2013

Bottled: ca 2013 at 40 abv


Nose: very soft with very refined sugarcane juice and some haribo sweets.

Taste: this is a very easy going cachaça, with a soft sweetness that lacks all agressivity. These white cachaças are usually used as mixers, but this one is highly drinkable on the rocks or just straight up. Fresh sugar cane juice with hints of white fruits

Finish: like the taste, sweet and soft with some subtle fruity undertones. Short finish.


Our score: ** For around €15 this is a bargain that can be used both as a mixer or straight.

New Grove Single Cask 2007 for Belgium and Luxemburg

Whisky Shops TasTToe and Crombé, together with Vinothek Massen from Luxemburg, bottled two single casks from New Grove. Let’s start with the youngest today; and Monday we’ll be back with the older (and yes…better) one.


The Rum: New Grove Single Cask 17-07-48

Origin: Mauritius

Distilled: 2007

Bottled: end 2014 at 55% (300 bottles only)

Cask: Limousin Cask


Nose: Herbal and peppery start with that typical New Grove undertone: vegetal. Less sugar and caramel than might be expected for a rum. The nose opens up real slow, getting more fruitier (white unripe fruits) and brown sugar. After a good 20 minutes (I told you…this one takes its time!) also red fruits and nice citrus hints (lemon)


Taste: A sweetness rather unexpected after the nose, accompanied by firm but pleasant oak.  The red fruits are there, but they know how to hide very well. This is a straight forward but maybe less complex rum. My guess…thanks to the oak this is a rum that will be liked by whiskylovers. A surprise? Well no, since it has been selected by whisky lovers.


Finish: Long, with the oak really kicking in now, without becoming bitter. Slowly drying, with dark cacao powder.


Our score: ****