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Caroni 12 yo 100% Trinidad


caroni 12

The Rum: Caroni 12 yo

Origin: Trinidad

Distilled: 2000

Bottled : 2012 at 50 abv


Nose: starting rather alcoholic with some notes reminding of cognac. Heavy molasses with a hint of tar (asphalt) and vanilla. Dusty notes slowly making room for fresher fruity notes (dry raisins)


Taste: again rather alcoholic. Not too sweet, but with a lot of wood influence.  Smoky notes that are so typical for Caroni.


Finish: Nice wood influences, refined bitter taste. The medium long to long finish slowly gets sweeter on the lips; but always with a bit of a strange metallic taste playing in the background.



Our Score: 15/20

Remarks: This is actually a piece of history in the glass, since this is the very last Caroni that was actually made with Trinidad molasses

Don Papa over 7 yo

don papa

  The Rum: Don Papa over 7 yo– 40 abv Origin: Philippines – Mount Kanleon Distilled: not indicated Bottled: ca 2013 Nose: sweet, fruity nose, very powerful. Bananas, this reminds a lot of Pisang Ambon, but with loads of citrus zest. A rather unusual nose for a rum, Very parfumed Rum arrangé, anyone??. Taste:  Again very strange. Very sweet without being sticky, but again with loads of citrus. I have oranges, mandarins, mandarine juice and canned mandarins. A touch of vanilla is playing on the background. Finish: candied fruits playing first violin. Sweet honey ends the medium long finish. A bit chemical though.   Our score : 10/20