Cachaça Coronel Xavier Chaves – Santo Grau

cxsNow that temperatures in Europe are getting from ‘Brazilian’ back to normal, it’s about time we start to taste some more rum and cachaça.

First up comes from the Osborne stables – the famous sherry producers in Spain. Under the Santo Grau label they bottle some rather special cachaças. Let’s start with the Coronel Xavier Chaves. The name comes from what is thought to be the oldest sugarcane mill in Brazil, located in Minas Gerais, that apparently belonged to a cousin of Tiradentes, the notorious Brazilian freedom fighter.

But the most unique part of this cachaça lies in it’s maturation. If we can call it maturation?  This cachaça is the result of a privileged terroir and it is not aged in wood. Instead, it rests for six months in underground paraffin-coated stone tanks built 250 years ago that were given the status of National Heritage.

The Cachaça: Santo Grau Coronel Xavier Chaves
Origin: Coronel Xavier Chaves – Minas Gerais
Distilled: 2015 – Pot still
Bottled: 2015
Maturation: 6 months – stone tanks
ABV: 40%

The Nose: A very grassy cachaça with some rather striking and different aromas. A soft see breeze and even a whiff of soft petroleum. White fruits, pear. A bit of a ‘dusty’ smell too, peppery and agricol-y, with very nice mineral touches, some grapefruit and green olives.

The Taste: strong vegetal taste, grassy, but with a pleasant sweet touch. Despite the 40% alcohol it has a firm bite. Fruity notes and again those black olives. Also a bit of a cocoa bitter.

The Finish is rather long, fruity haribo sweets with again that pleasant mineral touch. Slowly drying towards that cocoa bitter.

Our Score: **** a ‘different’ cachaça with a sweet and mineral touch. The latter thanks to the maturation in the stone tanks, or is that just our imagination? Either way: a must have in the collection. The beautiful labels – not an evidence for cachaça – are a bonus. Price: around €30

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