Dictador Cafe 100 months


The good people from Dictador rum have launched 4 new rums. Time for The Sugar Cane Collection to taste them for you. Well.. 3 of them anyway. There’s also one with orange peel infuse. Don’t mind me skipping that one, thank you!

The Rum: Dictador Cafe 100 Months – 40 abv

Origin: Colombia

Distilled: n.i.continuos stills

Bottled: 2014

Age : 100 months in ex-bourbon barels

Remarks: after being distilled, the rum has been filtered through Arabica coffee beans

Nose : molasses, mocha, and a wee whiff of pepper. Charred aroma’s, a bit of burnt wood. Give it some time in the glass, and out come some strong nutty aroma’s.

Taste : now the coffee really kicks in. Creamy mokka icecream dominates the palate, leaving just a little room for the more sweet flavours and a subtle nutty taste. Who needs an Irish coffee when you can have this? Maybe a tad too soft for me. I would love to try this at 46 abv.

Finish : fades away rather quickly, only the coffee notes manage to linger on just a little bit longer.

Our score : ***. Could even have been a bit higher if it had somemore ‘oompf’ – punch that is – and a longer finish.


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