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Cachaça Minas Brasil Ouro


Naming your cachaça brand ‘Minas’…it’s a risk. Minas Gerais is the cachaça state in Brazil, so to name your cachaça after that state comes with certain responsibilities. It has to be a true ambassador of the quality, name and fame of the cachaças from Minas Gerais.

The Cachaça: Minas Brasil Ouro

Origin: Cordislândia – Minas Gerais

Distilled: n.i.

Bottled: Lot 3 – 2014

Age: 3 years old

Maturation: oak

ABV: 40%

Fermentation: 100% corn


The Nose: the first thing that strikes is the very pleasant nose of this cachaça. Of course, the vegetal notes are there. There’s even some most to be detected. But it’s accompanied by lots of dried fruits. I also have some warm brioche and toasted oak, together with ripe sweet fruits. A little herbal touch (Italian curry) and some soft alcoholic notes with white pepper.

The Taste: Now this a very unusual cachaça indeed. The vegetal side is there, but very subtle. This is rather sweet for a cachaça. Sweet fruits like nectarines and pineapple in syrup. I also find some acacia honey and soft sugarcane. The alcohol is fresh, with a whiff of mint lingering through. The overall mouthfeel is rather soft and creamy.

The Finish: Again rather sweet, and medium long. The same notes as in the taste are there, with a bit more white fruits now (sweet pears).

Our Score: ****

For its price (expect to pay 20-25 euro) this is a great cachaça. And truly a cachaça that will be appreciated by rum drinkers too. It’s a bit less vegetal and much sweeter than your average cachaça.