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Vale Verde 12 yo

VV12The cachaça: Vale Verde 12 years old

Region: Minas Gerais – Brazil

Distilled: ca 2002 in copper pot stills

Bottled: ca 2014 at 40 abv

Matured for 12 years in oak casks


Prelude: well…this cachaça is supposed to be the very best there is. Let’s find out! It certainly is probably the most expensive cachaça around: expect to pay around €180 in Europe.

Vale Verde is a bit of a special case. Situated in an ecological park, Vale Verde offers a “different kind” of cachaça. In the 1980s, it’s founder went to Europe to study distillation and fermentation methods of the whisky industry. After distillation, the cachaça passes through a coal filter of pinewood coal, in order to reduce the acidity of the distillate.

Next to the distillery you can visit the Museum of cachaça, showing over 2000 different old and very old cachaças.

Best part of it all: the whole distilling process at Vale Verde is sustainable, and all profits are reverted into ecological conservation and tree planting. In short, Vale Verde is your best excuse to have a cachaça AND support an ecological cause. But now: is this as good as “they” ay it is? Without further ado….


Nose: very soft and refined, almost like an older whisky. Soft wood (oak) and a hint of vanilla, with on the background a very light vegetal note. Some butter and coconut give away the use of American white oak for the maturation. Light floral perfume playing the second violin. Looking for sugarcane juice in the nose? You’re not going to find it. Very hard to distinguish this from a whisky indeed. Give it a few minutes, and you have warm toasted buttered bread.


Taste:  an initial delicate sweetness quickly makes room for some soft herbs and a drying woody taste, without becoming too woody or too dry. Let it breath for a few minutes, and a more fruity taste comes out: sweet cherry.

Finish: it is only now that this beauty reveals its true identity. Once the wood influence fades away, the more vegetal and typical cachaça taste comes shining through. The finish is medium long. And I guess that’s the only downside to this cachaça. A gem like this, you want to linger on forever in the mouth.


Our Score: ***** . If you can drink such a great cachaça, while supporting an ecological cause; I can’t see no reason why not to. Absolute stunner !

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