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Cachaça news: Porto Morretes wins best cachaça award 2015-’16

Cupula da Cachaça is a bi-annual independent ranking of the best 50 cachaças in Brazil. A list of 50 cachaças selected by the public is tasted and tested blind by a jury of people who know their ‘pinga’. A hard and dirty job indeed. Any volunteers?

Two years ago, the Vale Verde 12 years old won the award of best cachaça. Vale Verde 12 was once again amongst the 50 selected cachaças this year (together wit hits younger sibling the Vale Verde 3 years old).

Last night the jury reached its verdict. So we hereby present you the 40 best cachaças for 2015-2016.

  1. Porto Morretes Premium – 3 years old in oak wood
  2. Reserva do Gerente Carvalho – 5 yo oak wood
  3. Companheira Extra Premium – 8 yo oak wood
  4. Sanhaçu Umburana – 2 yo umburana wood
  5. Reserva 51 – 3 yo oak wood
  6. Leblon Signature Merlet – 2 yo French oak
  7. Porto Morretes Tradição – 6 yo oak
  8. Weber Haus Extra Premium Lote 48 – 5 years in oak + 1 year balsamo
  9. Da Tulha Carvalho – 3 yo oak
  10. Anísio Santiago/ Havana – 8 yo balsamo
  11. Harmonie Schnaps Extra Premium – 10 yo oak
  12. Vale Verde – 12 yo oak
  13. Cedro do Líbano – 1 yo white oak
  14. Germana Heritage – 8 years oak + 2 years balsamo
  15. Magnífica Reserva Soleira – 3 yo oak
  16. Dona Beja Extra Premium – 12 yo French and Portuguese oak
  17. Mazzaropi Carvalho Francês – 18 months French oak
  18. Bento Albino Extra Premium – 6 yo oak
  19. Havaninha – 6 yo balsamo
  20. Canarinha – 2 yo balsamo
  21. Casa Bucco Ouro – 6 you oak + balsamo
  22. Reserva do Nosco Ouro – 4 yo French oak
  23. Áurea Custódio – 3 yo oak
  24. Canabella Ouro – 2 years jequitiba + 1 year castanheira + 6 months umburana
  25. Weber Haus Amburana – 1 year umburana
  26. Weber Haus Premium Carvalho Cabriúva – 1 year oak + 1 year balsamo
  27. Werneck Ouro – 2 yo oak
  28. Magnífica Carvalho – 2 yo oak
  29. Maria Izabel Carvalho – 1 yo oak
  30. Santo Grau PX – american oak solera matured
  31. Da Quinta Amburana – 1 yo umburana
  32. Indaiazinha – 8 yo balsamo
  33. Engenho Pequeno – 2 yo jequitiba
  34. Espírito de Minas – 2 yo oak + jequitiba
  35. Vale Verde Extra Premium – 3 yo oak
  36. Sebastiana Castanheira – 1 yo castanheira
  37. Claudionor – 1 yo umburana
  38. Reserva do Nosco Prata – unaged
  39. Werneck Safira Régia – 3 yo oak
  40. Sapucaia Reserva da Família – 10 yo oak


So what can we learn from this year’s Cupula?

First of all…age doens’t matter, with the over all winner being only 3 years old.

Second: oak still does the trick, with 8 cachaças in the top 10 matured in oak.

Third: maturation counts, with only 1 unaged cachaça in the top 50

Fourth: Minas Gerais is loosing its status as cachaça heartland, with only 2 cachaças in the top 10. Parana takes over with two out of three cachaças in the top-3 !

Fifth: we still have a lot to taste here at the Sugarcane Collection; having tasted only 6 cachaças from the top-50. Time to hunt us down a sponsor !!

Cachaça Taverna de Minas Ouro


The Cachaça : Taverna de Minas Ouro

Origin: Itaverava, Minas Gerais

Distilled: ca 2012 in pot stills

Bottled: ca 2014

Matured: Oak, for 2 years

ABV: 39 %

Nose:  elegant nose with sugar cane juice combined with softer wood influence. Fruity aroma’s (dried fruits) and a touch of warm vanilla. Also some fine sawdust.

Taste: in our humble opinion, this is a cachaça that goes both for mixing and sipping. The sugar cane juice is present and powerfull but never overwhelming. Again a nice woody influence with that touch of light vanilla and those dried fruits. First attack in the mouth is a bit alcoholic but gets smoother very fast. Toasted oak.

Finish: mediumlong on the same notes as the taste, drying towards the end. Well balanced cachaça indeed.

Our Score: ****

Cachaça Sapucaia Real 18 years – perfection exists!


The Cachaça : Sapucaia Real 18 years old

Origin: Sao Paulo – Brazilië

Distilled: before 1996, in small pot stills

Bottled: 2014

Matured: American white oak


Only a few more days and Cupula da Cachaça announces its bi-annual top-50 of best cachaças. So it’s time to discuss a real beauty with you. One that hasn’t made the list, simply because it’s availability is very limited. Only a couple hundred bottles were made.

All cachaça is guaranteed minimum 18 yo, making it the oldest cachaça available (some older cachaças on the market have younger cachaça mixed in)


The Nose: this can compete with the oldest agricole rums. Rich and very delicate, with pleasant fruity notes (mango). It even reminds us of old Longmorn whisky. Smooth, soft, with subtle hints of vanilla, and a warm sea breeze. Hints of brown sugar, but much more refined that old rum, much fresher too. Even some aniseed playing on the background.


Taste: Holy smoke!! Forget everything you know about cachaça. This is so playing on another level. This isn’t even another league, it’s another sports! The delicate sweetness is perfectly balanced with the wood influence that never gets bitter. Sugarcane influences are there, but you have to look hard to find them. Fruity notes again: lychee and pineapple on syrup. I once tried some 20 years old grappa, and this kinda reminds me.


Finish: Very consistent with the taste, and that can only be a good thing. Medium long, with again that perfect balance between sweet, fruity and wood. Some liquorice plays on the tongue as well.

Did someone say that there is no such thing as perfection? Think again: when it comes to cachaça : this is sheer and utter perfection indeed. Take your best shot at it, good folks at Cupula da Cachaça: but I’m pretty sure I already found my winner !


Our Score : ***** – yes: 5 stars allll the way! Only two places you can still find a few bottles of this beauty: at the distillery in Brazil, or at (yes, they do ship international) and TasTToe / TasTToe Two in Belgium