Rum and cachaça – the good things in life


This blog will write about all good things that are sugercane related. In short: this is a website about rum and cachaça.

Originally a whisky enthousiast (and I still am),  I slowly learned to appreciate rum and cachaça. The variety in both rum (or rhum if you prefer it the French way) and cachaça is at least as big as it is in whisky.  Is that one of the reasons why more and more whisky aficionados refer to rum as a superb ‘malternative’?

As it goes for tastingnotes – whether it’s whisky, beer, gin or rum – these notes are only my personal impression. De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est! Let them only encourage you to explore the world of rum and cachaça for yourself!


A little guideline to understand my scoring of rums and cachaça:

***** : It doesn’t get any better than this. Sell your mother to get one of these. Or your mother in law – your choice. Since you’re a visitor of this blog, don’t sell your liver for it.

****: Great rum or cachaça that deserves a place in your collection !

***: Good sipper, provided you don’t overpay

**: The stuff you pour into cocktails. Don’t drink it neat though.

*: Don’t…just don’t. Not even for free. Ever.

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