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Guyana 13 yo MMD – Syrah/Guigal casks

Remember the Madeiracask finished Caroni, bottled by Murray McDavid? We taste dit, and were so not impressed.

Well, let’s give the folks at MMD a second chance, shall we? Maybe they can convince us with another rum-with-caskexperiment.


The Rum: Guyana 13 yo – 46 abv

Origin: Uitvlught Estate Guyana

Distilled: in the famous Enmore Still – 1991

Bottled: 2003 – 1500 bottles

Cask: Bourbon/Syrah matured and Finished in Guigal Hermitage casks


Nose: now this is rather fresh and even grassy, strange for a Demerara but not unpleasant at all. Nice wine influence going side by side with the vanilla from the bourbon casks. Soft brown sugar and haribo sweets.


Taste: alcoholic start, after 3 seconds turning bitter. Very bitter indeed! I could say “bursting with oak tanines”; but the truth is : this is nasty bitter stuff, not good at all.


Finish: Mediumlong and actually…well..disgusting. Like sucking on a piece of wet oak. This is bitter all the way, overpowering all sweet rum notes or fruity tones from the wine that might be present.


Our score: *  Dear folks at MMD : you did it again. After ruining a Caroni with Madeira casks, you managed once more to turn what normally is a fine rum in something completely undrinkable. Stop doing that !!!