Cachaça Vale Verde Extra Premium


The Cachaça : Vale Verde Extra Premium

Origin: Betim – Minas Gerais

Distilled: 2012 – copper pot still

Bottled: 2015

Matured: oak wood, ex-bourbon casks

Abv: 40

Vale Verde is an exceptional cachaça in every sense of the word. First of all it’s distilled in an ecological park, using sustainable methods only, and wit hall profits going back to the park to plant trees and develop ecological programmes.

Secondly, at Vale Verde they use an exceptional method of charcoal filtering the spirit before ageing it.

Now let’s find out why Playboy elected (yes, elected, not erected) this cachaça as best cachaça for several years in a row!


The nose: as always, the typical sugarcane notes are very well present. But the Vale Verde extra premium (which means that all the cachaça in the bottle is at least 3 years old) is very distinguished. Dried fruits and noble wood influences go hand in hand with warm hints of vanilla and toasted bread.


The taste: a very pleasant and elegant cachaça, with the aroma very consistent with the taste. So once again, sugarcane juice, vanilla, roasted grains and a very fine wood influence. But also a remarkable freshness – thanks to the pinewood charcoal filtration? This may not be the richest or most complex cachaça (given its young age, that’s no surprise really), but it’s oh so pleasant and easy to drink. This cachaça might be a bit too elegant to make a good caipirinha: the vegetal tones are softer than might be expected from a 3 yo cachaça. But then again: who cares? Have this beauty straight up and you’ll be pleasantly surprised indeed. This is so very far away from all the industrial crap like Pitu, 51 and other stuff that make you go blind.


The Finish: well emm… consistently consistent. All the good things from the nose and taste come back in the finish. A finish that’s medium long, which is too bad because one would like this to linger on forever.

Our score: **** Yes, we always knew the fine people at Playboy had good taste. reminder: 4 stars mean: ” Great rum or cachaça that deserves a place in your collection !”

Expect to pay (in Europe) around 40-45 euro.

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  1. Franz Mittendorfr

    Where can I get this Cachaca in Europe ?

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