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Ron Jaguar Edicion Cordillera (Turrialba)

The Jaguar Edicion Turrialba is also bottled under the name Jaguar Cordillera. It’s branded as a rum from Costa Rica, but is actually a blend of rums from diverse countries. Colombia and Peru for sure, and maybe Venezuela – info on that is contradictory.

___rx_exhibitor_data_public_product_11067_640_640The Rum: Ron jaguar Edicion Turrialba
Origin: blend
Raw material: molasses
Distilled: column still
Matured: 10 yo, ex-bourbon casks
ABV: 43%

The Nose: a lot of oranges and dark sugar with some warm vanilla custard, a bit of a nutty aroma and some slightly sour vegetal notes.

The Taste: sweeter than the nose predicted. Strong taste of tangerine and vanilla, and a very pronounced taste of soft mocha. Is this the Colombian rum in the blend maybe? Because if you like Dictador rum, you’re going to like this one too.  Bot the nose and the taste is rather good, but they don’t match. A delicate whiff of tobacco gives it a bit more depth.

Finish: medium long, sweet with lots of mocha again.

Our Score : ***