Atlantico Platino

atlantico-platinoThe Rum: Atlantico Platino
Origin: Dominican Republic
Raw material: both molasses and sugarcane juice
Distilled: Column still
Maturation: 12 months American white oak + 6 months Tempranillo casks
ABV: 40%

The Nose starts a bit vegetal grassy with a slight herbal touch. I also have a bit of citrus and some winegums. Vanilla and caramel are well present and accompanied by the aroma of some freshly cut green wood. Apart from the vanilla the wood influence is non-existing. Tempranillo casks…really? Used for the 87th time maybe… .

The Taste: surprisingly sweet with loads of vanilla. There really is no correspondence between the nose and the taste, apart from that vanilla. The body is very light. And again… tempranillo? That surely must be a joke, right? Being a rather aromatic raisin variety, there is really no influence in either aroma or taste. None whatsoever!

The Finish is rather short. This isn’t a bad rum, there are no flaws or off-notes. But this is once again such a very boring rum. It lacks character, it lacks depth, it lacks body.  Commercial? Maybe…but a rum WITH character can be commercial too!

Our Score : **
Yet another rum trying to surf on the name and fame of Dominican rums without adding any value.

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