Don Q Añejo

24 Days of Rum – Day 6

don-q-don-q-anejo-rumThe rum: Don Q Añejo
Origin: Puerto Rico
Raw Material: molasses
Distilled: column still
Bottled: blend of 3-10 years old
ABV: 40%

The Nose: a Don with a very pleasant aroma. It starts on soft molasses, old leather and a hint of metal polish, with a good firm wood influence. The nose evolutes towards more floral perfumes with a touch of bourbon vanilla. It even gets a little soapy. Give this rum a good 15 minutes in the glass and out comes a delicate acidity, with even some cabbage.

The Taste: kudos to the master blender, the balance between sweet, herbal and wood is almost perfect. Sweet fruits, delicate tannins and some burned sugars, all combined with a whiff of the finest Virginia pipe tobacco. The vanilla notes, rather discrete, indicate bourbon cask maturation. The mouthfeel is rather light and thin.

The Finish: Medium long to long, with again those sweet fruits, fading away in a pleasant bitter woody aftertaste.

Our Score: ***
This Puerto Rican rum (by Serrales) could be well mistaken for a Bajan rum when tasted blind.


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    Many thanks for the detailed review which is much appreciated. Duncan (European Director for Destileria Serralles)

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