Caroni 21 yo 1996-2017 Imperial Proof


The Rum: Caroni 21 yo
Region: Trinidad and Tobago
Raw material: Molasses
Distilled: 1996
Bottled: 2017- by Velier
Abv: 57.18% (100 Imperial Proof)

Nose: well, what to say? It’s Caroni folks.  Molasses, warm herbs, big wood (although less wood compared to the Caroni Guyana-stock). Also iodine, the sea breeze in your nose.  Still a remarkable freshness for a 21 yo Caroni, with a vegetal touch. Ripe bananas and salted caramel. The tarry rope, the asphalt you say? Hmm…only very subtle in the nose. After a good 10 minutes that smoky side ops up, but is still accompanied by a pleasant fruity and floral aroma, white pepper and allspice. Cassonade sugar (in case you wonder..that’s the light brown kind).

Taste: punchy but not aggressive. Again firm oak influence and slightly bitter herbs. A  delicate sweet touch with exotic fruits. The tar is more present now. This is what one can expect from a Caroni, apart from the fact that this particular bottling has an extra with the tropical fruits adding a very pleasant extra touch.

Finish: the after taste quickly fades away, but only to come back again with burned molasses and..yes, again…the oak lingering through.

Score: ***** – yes 5 stars all the way! If you would taste this in a line up it would still be a great rum. But with a clean palate, this is so much more than another ‘in your face’ Caroni. I just love how the very subtle tropical fruits are supporting the warm, woody, herbal, and medium-tarry flavors.


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