Reimonenq Vieux – 2004


The Rum: Reimonenq Vieux -2004
Origin: Guadeloupe
Raw material: agricole
Distilled: 2004
Bottled: 2014
ABV: 40%

Nose:  The rather strange aroma strikes immediately. I have varnish and a bit of glue, and firm notes of tobacco.  But also some stewed fruits. After a few minutes, the fruity side gets the upper hand. Also some spices and green herbs jumping all over the place. All this covered with a strange dusty smell, like an old attic. Adding a drop of water makes the nose even more extreme and nervous.

Taste: now what a strange rhum this is. It starts rather flat and very vegetal, but it quickly jumps from fruity to herbal to woody. Every sip reveals a new facet of this rhum. I really don’t know what to think about this…which obviously makes it interesting. On the one hand you could say that this rhum has it all, it covers all aspects. But on the other hand you could call it very poor balanced and nervous. I can imagine this rhum being the kind of love it or hate it rhum. Alas…for me it’s just not working.
With a drop of water, you just kill this rum. Really…I added a drop, and it became a flatliner.

Finish: is rather short, very vegetal with big wood, with the tobacco notes coming back again. Even a bit tarry even.

Score: ** – as I said, I can imagine some people really loving this one. But it’s not working for me.


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