Guadeloupe 2014-’17 TCRL


When tasting rum from the French isles, we always tend to think in terms of agricole rhum. But let’s not forget that on the isles of Guadeloupe, both rhum agricole and rhum traditionnel is being made. So in our Transcontinental Rum Line by LMDW, let’s have a molasses rhum from Guadeloupe. I somewhere read this rhum was distilled at B-M distillery, but I honestly have no info that can back this information. So as far as we’re concerned: undisclosed distillery.

The Rum: Guadeloupe TCRL, 2014²
Origin: Guadeloupe, at an undisclosed distillery

Distilled: 2014
Bottled: 2017
Maturation: 3 years tropical, 1 year European

ABV: 43%

The Nose:  rather soft and sweet, with a firm hint of sea breeze – anchovies even. Nice delicate fruity aromas with a pinch of cracked black pepper. It’s a whole fruit basket, with some pineapple and plums as the dominant aroma. Licorice and orange peel, nicely balanced. The rum needs some time and air to open up on the sugar and the molasses, although they still stay rather discrete. After a bit of aeration, a slightly metallic touch.

The taste: although I don’t mind strong rum, I feel the 43% alcohol is ideal here. Again pleasant fruity flavors, albeit more subtle than in the nose.  Again that salty touch. Not too sweet, with the sugars as well as the alcohol very well integrated

The Finish is medium long and confirms the taste, with a the very end even a taste that reminds me of…yes: beer! A soft bitter touch at the very end. Strange but good!

Our Score: a pleasant rum, another bang for your bucks; and one that might even please the whisky drinkers. Well done chaps at LMDW! Who said the ‘French’ rhum traditionell isn’t half as good as their agricole??


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