Worthy Park 2013 – TCRL


Drink that funky rum, white boy. Yes, finally (!) we’re back in business with some tastingnotes.

And what better way to start than going to Jamaica. The isle of the funky rums indeed.

The Rum: Worthy Park 2013 Navy Strength – Transcontinental Rum Line
Region: Jamaica

Distilled: 2013
Bottled : 2017
Maturation: <2 years tropical, >2 years European

ABV: 57%

Transcontinental Rum Line is the rum brand of French based La Maison du Whisky, launched in 2016.

I don’t believe the Worthy Park estate in Jamaica needs much of an introduction here, since it’s already famous amongst many a rum lover. So let’s just dig into this rather young version.

Nose: a first strong wave of banana is quickly followed by soft touches of glue and even a bit of fuel. The notes of dark sugar need some time and air before they come out. A grassy touch of the cane is still present, together with a very subtle whiff of smoke. The nose isn’t bad at all, it’s rich and full, but really jumping all over the place from fruity over grassy, herbal and spicy without being really balanced or structured. Could it be that this rum was bottled maybe a few years too early?

Taste: Powerful without being aggressive and fruity, but with the alcohol rather poorly integrated. Again: not bad, but maybe a tad or two too young? Also a nice herbal touch on the background, trying to push through the alcohol.

Finish: Medium long with a bit more herbal notes and a very soft sweet edge. Last words are for the fruits (banana) again.

Our conclusion: Patience is a virtue. I’m rather sure that if LMDW had waited for a few more years, this could have been a stunner of a rum. Now it’s just…OK-ish. But kudos for the labels of this range…loving it!


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