Liquore Jamaica Rhum di Fantasia 1960s


What we taste today is a Jamaican ‘rhum’ bottled by Italian liqueur producers Ercole Gagliano in the 1960s. They would later be taken over by Marcati in the 1980s.

In 1919 the Marcati brothers, Pietro and Luigi, began their business in the family-owned pharmacy, which soon became their first craft workshop. In 1929 the first industrial plant was established in Verona, but was destroyed during World War II. Following the post-war reconstruction the company continued to grow and during the Eighties it began to export, first to European countries and later to various other continents. Today, the Marcati brand is present with its products in 25 States throughout the world. Brothers Pietro, Andrea and Maria Paola are the latest generation that is running the company.

Those products are mainly grappa, cream liquors, sambuco, limoncello and amaretto, and also gin and vodka.

The Rum: Liquore Jamaica Rhum di Fantasia
Origin: Jamaica
Distilled: 1960s
Bottled: 1960s
ABV: 40%

Nose: pfeww…what a bomb of vanilla and tangerine. Imagine Don papa but a bit more subtle and natural, more elegant. Also notes of coffee and baking powder, with a summer meadow on the background: warm and vegetal notes. But let’s be honest: you really have to search for these notes beyond the powerful vanilla and tangerine.

Taste: Sweet, tangerine and loads of vanilla again, with big fat hints of caramel. There’s actually nothing more to say about it. It is what it is. No subtle tastes on the background, no evolution in the glass.

Finish: Rather short on the same notes as the taste. Slightly drying towards the end.

Our Score: **

These bottles are sold now for about 200-230 euro. But believe me, the price says nothing about the quality but more about the scarcity of the product. If you like Don Papa, you are going to love this. If you like rum, you won’t.


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