Pott’s Light Rum


Pott rum has a bit of a confusing history, it seems.

Pott was a rum distillery on Sint-Maarten, the Dutch Antilles. “The success of the island is due in large part to its duty-free status. Alcohol, for example, can be imported, blended, and sold without the usual red tape. In the 1980s, the aging Potts distillery, the last to operate on the island, closed because it was too small to compete with untaxed imports from other islands.” it says on the website of the Ministry of Rum.

So Pott was a Sint-Maarten rum, distilled on the island up untill the early 1980s. But Europeans, and especially Germans, still now Pott rum today as a German brand of rum (at 40 and at 54 abv). And what do we read on their site : that the Pott distillery was founded in 1848 in Flensburg – Germany. And there isn’t a confusion between two different brands of Pott, since the logo of the ‘German’ Pott is the same as that of the ‘Sint-Maarten’ Pott..

Now to confuse things even more, we also found info that  “the typical Flensburger rum” is made today  at the Pott distillery in…Sint-Maarten.

So to conclude :

  • Pott was closed at Sint-Maarten in the 1980s.
  • Pott was a German rum from Flensburg
  • The German rum is made today (2017) in Sint-Maarten in a distillery that closed in the 1980s.

Very confusing indeed.

Now let’s try a Pott that we can be sure of that was made in Sint-Maarten : a Pott light Rum bottled around 1980.

The Rum: Pott Light Rum
Origin: Sint-Maarten
Distilled and bottled: ca 1980
Type: molasses
ABV: 40%

Nose: Light rum indeed! Very light and fresh with sweet fruits and a hint of mint in the nose. Soft floral tones and delicate sugarcane on the background. Very pleasant nose…but after a few minutes I have some cleaning products in the nose. Soapy. And no, it was not the glass.

Taste: Again very light, rather sweet and soft fruity notes. Rather consistent with the nose, but luckily no soap here. A bit of a weak rum though. Too weak to be very present when drinking it pure, but also to weak and delicate to use as a mixer.  The taste isn’t bad at all, but lacks some character, some ‘oompf’ and some depth. A bit boring.

Finish: Haribo sweets with a touch of aniseed. A medium long finish (rather surprising for a weak rum) without any alcohol at all. Or without any evolution. Again: the finish isn’t bad, but boooooring monotone.

Our Score: **

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