New Grove 2005 – 10th Anniversary of The Nectar


Last week we tried the Royal Blend by New Grove for the 60th anniversary of la Maison du Whisky in France    HERE . Their Belgian colleges from The Nectar are celebrating their 10th anniversary and also bottled a New Grove.

The Rum: New Grove 2005 10th Anniversary The Nectar cask 68-16

Region: Mauritius
Distilled: 2005
Bottled: 2016 – 392 bottles
Matured: Limousin oak
ABV: 55%

Nose: A rum with a very rich nose. I’m having soft molasses and a nice herbal touch, but also fruity. Warm hay, a little wood and some moss. On the fruity side we have overripe passion fruits and a big but subtle basket filled with all kinds of tropical fruits and warm pears in syrup.  Give it some time in the glass and this Mauritian rum even gets a bit of a maritime salty touch in the nose.

Taste: Firm alcohol without being aggressive. First impression is rather herbal with hints of verbena and rue, followed by a pleasant fruitiness of ripe pineapple, a bit of mango and goyave. The molasses is there but subtle, and definitely not too sweet. Add some water and the punchier herbal side makes way for the fruits to pop out even more.  And amidst this all, the wood is in perfect balance.

Finish: Again nice and fruity with the wood more present now, turning slightly bitter towards the end. Retro olfactoric tropical fruits and spices like clove. The finish is very long with the wood taking the lead, pushing the fruitiness a bit away.

Our Score: *****

This kind of fruity rums is straight up my alley. I find it richer and better than the LMDW Royal Blend. And since this one is at least 30% cheaper, this is a no-brainer: a rum you just have to have in your collection. provided you still find one of course.

Well done The Nectar, and well done New Grove!


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