Rum New Grove Royal Blend LMDW


The Rum: New Grove Royal Blend
Origin: Mauritius
Distilled: 1969-2005-(2006)-2007 – column still
Matured: French oak
Finish: Acacia, chestnut, port barrels
Bottled: 2016 for LMDW – 800 bottles
ABV: 45.6%

From a blend of three New Grove vintages (2005, (2006), 2007) matured in French oak barrels and then finished in acacia, chestnut and port barrels with a some (how much…nobody knows or tells) 1969 New Grove. 2006 between () because the website of LMDW mentions it, the label doesn’t.

The Nose: rich and aromatic, with distinct hints of melasses, heady flowers with a whiff of lime, heavy honey, a bit of vanilla,  dark chocolate and soaked wood.

The Taste: Yes! Those lovely exotic fruits we love so much in some of these New Groves. Mango, passion fruits, banana. Royal indeed! Also firm wood influences with a clear influence of the port barrel. Rancio, sultana, dark fruits, 80% dark chocolate. Spicy but round.

Finish: mediumlong to long with the wood and the melasses in balance. Also some hints of pipe tobacco. Also some dried fruits and a bit nutty (almonds)

Our Score : ****

A very nice expression of New Grove…just too bad the price tag (around €100-110) is a bit too high. I have tasted better New Groves (single casks) for less money.


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