Neisson Blanc Canne Bio 55%

neisson_cbio55I’m very aware that I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time. Time, flue, holidays, kids, work… ‘les excuses sont faits pour s’en servir’.

But let’s get back to business with a rhum from Neisson. Their older rhums are truely magnificent, so let’s see if this unaged youngster can live up to the expectations.

The Rum : Neisson Blanc Rhum Canne Bio – 2016
ABV: 55%
Origin: Martinique
Distilled: 2016 – column still
Bottled: 2016

The Nose: A very vegetal nose, a bit cachaça like but more subtle. Bread dough and white flowers, followed by some fruity notes (hard green bananas. Yes, cavendish of course 😉 ) A very subtle perfume of lemon zeste and warm brioche. Adding water makes the vegetal side (the sugarcane juice) pop out even more. A pleasant and intriguing nose.

The Taste: Punchy alcohol, despite the reduction to 55 abv. Sweet start with a slightly medicinal touch, clove, agrum and again rather vegetal. Adding some water makes it softer and rounder, and less medicinal. More sweet now, with a touch of almond.

The Finish: oh dear… first impression is very bitter. Since this rhum hasn’t seen a wooden cask, the bitterness comes from the rhum itself. What the hell went wrong here?? The finish is rather long, but it’s especially that bitterness that seems to linger on forever. Adding some water takes away the bitterness, but makes the rhum rather flat and..well..dull too.

Our Score: ***. Pleasant nose, OK taste, disappointing finish.


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