Weber Haus Amburana Licor

licorWe’re finally back online after a long summer break. Let’s start slow…maybe with a cachaça liquor?

Weber Haus Licor de Cachaça co Amburana

Origin: Ivoti (RS)

Distilled: n.i.

Bottled: 2016

ABV: 30%


Honestly, I’m not really a big fan of liquors. Too sweet, too sticky, too synthetic most of the time. But this one is made with matured (yes!) cachaça from Weber Haus, one of the very best cachaça distilleries in Brazil. Made with matured artisan cachaça, organic cane sugar and amburana or umburana infused.

Nose: Soft herbal notes and sweet maraschino cherries, accompanied by some typical autumn aromas of wet wood, quality mushrooms and soft green moss. A very slight alcoholic touch. Also some rich acacia honey.

Taste: Sweet herbal notes, with a subtle bitter woody touch. Again this rich acacia honey and maraschino cherries. A velvet mouthfeel, that despite the sweet notes never gets sticky. Cane sugar, but yet very fresh and cooling in the mouth

Finish: medium long with a lasting sweetness, without – again – becoming too sugary or sticky.

Expect to pay around 22-25 euro in Europe


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