Rum Caroni 1997/2015 – Liquid Art


The Rum : Caroni 1997

Origin: Trinidad and Tobago

Distilled: 1997

Bottled: 2015 – 100 bottles

Bottler: Liquid Art (Belgium)

ABV: 50,5


Nose: Herbal, spicy but yet very fresh, with even some hints of mint lingering through. White pepper and liquorice, together with a more maritime aroma. The alcohol is present, but not overwhelming. Also quite some warm vanilla and butter. And I even get something that reminds me of good old vintage port wines. After a while, the sweeter vanilla takes over.

Taste: Hot and spicy, with a firm alcohol punch. The typical notes of ta rand engine oil that Caroni so often has, is rather absent here. I do get, however, some smoked meat (filet d’Anvers). Dark molasses and old leather. Liquorice. Let’s say it’s a medium-phenolic Caroni, with a very nice balance between the spices and the wood. There’s also just a bit of fruitiness on the background, but it’s hard to put your finger on it. Adding some water makes the wood popping out, turning this Caroni somewhat more bittersweet.

Finish: Again spicy and warm, with a pleasant sweetness. The finish is rather long, starting with some punch but quickly getting softer. Again very well balanced and just a bit drying towards the end. The wood is subtle, yet there.

Our Score: ****

Not the most typical Caroni around. This Liquid Art is definitely no Liquid Tar, so if you’re looking for a  very heavy Caroni , this might not be for you.  But still it’s a great rum, and in fact a rather accessible Caroni. This is somewhere in between Velier’s heavy Caroni’s and Rum Nation’s lighter Caroni.

Price: expect to pay around €105-110.

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