Rum Mezan Jamaica 2000



I always had some mixed feelings about Mezan. Not when it comes to taste, I cannot say I tasted one ‘bad’ rum from this UK based company. But some of the Mezan rums I tried before lacked a bit of punch, a bit of ‘oompf’.  Especially the Guyana Diamond 2005 (Port Mourant still) I found to be too watery  (see )

They also did a Jamaican Rum distilled at Worthy Park (see: ) which I found very pleasant. So I was rather curious to see what the Jamaican 2000 from Long Pond would be like.


The rum: Mezan Jamaica vintage 2000

Origin: Jamaica, Long Pond Distillery

Distilled: 2000 – double distilled in pot still

Bottled: 2014 at 40 abv


Nose: yes! Fruity all the way, and that’s what I like. Banana, mango, papaya accompanied by some warm vanilla and butter. I even get some mascherano cherry.

Taste: A rum with two faces indeed. The first impression is very fruity again. Lots of passion fruits now, again accompanied by that warm vanilla and clothed cream. But just when you start thinking ‘oooh, what a lovely fruity rum’, it comes back with spices. Pepper, herbal, warm, intense; with subtle oak lingering through

Finish: Medium long with a bitter woody touch. The finish is a bit flat maybe…there is that 40 abv again. Too bad, since the aftertaste is very consistent with the initial taste; so one would only hope it would stay in the mouth forever.

Our Score: **** – a lovely rum indeed, despite the – here we go again – low abv. Expect to pay around €50 – all by all a fair price !


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