Rum – blings #2 : Real McCoy and Kill Devil

Today only some short rumblings – short impressions of rums I tasted without making tasting notes. This weekend I was at a whisky festival in Gent (Belgium), and thus not the ideal place to make serious notes.  I might come back to these rums later, with real notes. But anyways…these two rums I found at the stand of Whisky Import Belgium – happy to see they are starting with rum too.


The Real McCoy 5yo

Origin: Barbados

ABV: 40%

A pleasant Bajan rum from our friends at Foursquare distillery.  Pleasant because no sugar’s added, and it’s no übersweet rum. It delivers what one can expect from a Bajan rum : pleasant tropical fruits and some soft vanilla. A well balanced oak influence and a whiff of tobaco too. A good rum for those who are starting to get aquainted with rum. I however would probably have liked this so much mure if it was bottled at 46 abv and not 40 abv. A bit too weak imho.


Kill Devil Rum 5 yo

Origin: Venezuela

Kill Devil seems to be an indy bottler; and the one I tasted was from Venezuela. Again pleasant but with a bit more punch and bite than the Real McCoy. Not too sure if it was a molasses rum or one made from sugar cane honey. I suspect the latter. Nice oak and herbal touches, with a rather long and lingering finish. Definitely one to re-try later!


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