Rum Jamaica 1977/2012 – TWA/The Nectar


Time for an old Jamaican Rum! No distillery is mentioned on the bottle, so I’m curious.

The Rum: Jamaican 1977-2012 – single cask

Distilled: 1977

Bottled: 2012 by The Whisky Agency (Germany) and The Nectar (Belgium), 256 bottles only

Abv: 52.9%


Nose: Vanilla and herbal notes open the debates. The herbal notes remind me of rue (Ruta Graveolens) on a hot summer day. Also some fine sawdust. Soft tropical fruits (green banana, papaya) and subtle molasses, with a hint of cigar box and sweet perfume. Despite the abv, no alcohol bite. A very soft and pleasant nose, although rather simple. After 15 minutes more pisang and even some mocha lingering through.

Taste: Rather sweet, and this time the alcohol is well present. Candy syrup and molasses. The herbal touch is sweeter now, and the fruit is there (banana) but gentle. Surprisingly little wood influence for a rum this age. This was either a very inactive cask, or a cask that matured in Europe. Or both. A very tasty rum, but lacking just that bit of depth. Oh… and if you ask me, this could well have been distilled at Long Pond Distillery. Or not 😉

Finish: medium long, sweet, almost no wood, and again rather herbal. Honey bonbons. The lack of cask influence makes it less chewy than some of its siblings. Good or bad thing? That depends on your taste only…


Our Score: ***


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  1. From a vintage perspective, it could be a Long Pond.
    Collins 1977 was a longpod.

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