Cachaça Brasiliana Gold 12 yo


Cachaça Brasiliana by the Araxa distillers is the kind of cachaça you can pick up at the tax free zones in Brazilian airports. And that’s exactly what we did when I saw this bottle for sale at Brasilia DF airport. A commercial cachaça, but according to the label artisan and 12 years old! So let’s try it.

The cachaça: Brasiliana Gold 12 yo

Region: Minas Gerais

Fermentation: indoors, with corn flower

Distilled: n.i. – copper pot stills of 1500 litres

Maturation: oak, for 12 years

Bottled: november 2013

ABV: 39%


Nose: the first impression is very soft and gentle. I’m looking for that typical vegetal cachaça notes but no… Vanilla and soft oak shavings confirm the maturation on oak. Also some dried fruit and a soft mineral touch. After a good 10 minutes I finally start to notice some fresh sugarcane juice, together with a slightly perfumed aroma.

Taste: Now this is rather sweet for a cachaça. When cachaça producers add sugar, they have to mention it on the label (cachaça adoçada), but nothing mentioned here. Still I have the impression that a good amount of sugar was added here. This is very un-cachaça indeed. Maybe one for the true rum drinkers? The mouthfeel is very soft, with fine hints of white fruits, but it lacks depth and complexity. Especially for a 12 year old cachaça. Again I have the feeling that the 12 years old might be a bit exaggerated on the label. I guess there’s some 12 yo in it, along with a big quantity of much younger cachaça. It’s either that, or they are using some very old, exhausted casks to mature their pinga.

After about an hour, the taste becomes very flat with astringent bitter tones.

Finish: Sweet and short, with – yet again – surprisingly little wood influence and almost no vegetal cachaça flavours. Fruits? Yes, a bit: overripe pears mainly.

In short: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this cachaça. No off-notes. But it’s an a-typical cachaça. Not vegetal enough. Too sweet (again, I might be mistaken, but I suspect added sugar) and ..well…disappointingly flat for a 12 year old (is it really?)

Our score:  ** – despite the fact it’s from tax free… around €30 (1 litre bottle) is simply too much for this cachaça !

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