Cadenhead’s Classic Rum


Our good friends at Cadenhead’s (best known for their independent whisky  label) also did and do quite some rums. Remember that pleasant range of rums (Haïti, Panama, St Lucia, …) with the yellow-blue labels; or their ‘green label’ series.

Now they are hitting the liquor stores with a ‘Classic Rum’ at 50 abv; origin not indicated. I wasn’t sure whether to buy this rum or not, since I like to know where my rums come from. But a good soul provided me with a sample, so let’s see if this is a bottle that will join my collection one of these days..

Before coming to the actual tasting notes, let me tell you that according to a source  at Cadenhead’s,  this is in fact a Guyana blend, containing Demerara rums between 5 and 7 yo, and sometimes even up to 10 to assure consistency.

The Rum: Cadenhead’s Classic Rum

Origin: Guyana

Distilled: n.i.

Bottled: ca 2015 by William Cadenhead’s

ABV: 50

Nose: Molasses, caramel and a nice vegetal touch, accompanied by a fresh sea breeze. I also got some roasted peanuts and honey bonbons. After a good 15 minutes, more dried fruits are coming through. I also tried to add a few drops of water – at 50 abv one might expect a rum could handle it – making the rum much softer, with the vegetal notes becoming a bit sour.

Taste: strong, vibrant alcohol, sweet and herbal. A very intense first mouthfeel! I also get some dried fruits again, and a whiff of tobacco – think of a cigar you re-light after a few minutes. Adding a few drops of water helps the fruitiness developing in the glass. The whole gets a bit less herbal, but also slight bitter touches appear now.

Finish: A rather long finish, less sweet than the initial taste, with a lingering warm wood influence. Some typical demerara notes keep you company right till the very end. Raisins, light brown sugar. Adding water makes the finish short and a bit one-dimensional.

Our Score : In doubt….*** or **** ? Considering the origin, the high strength, and the quality, this is a very fair priced rum (around €50). So considering price-quality range..heck why not. Four stars it is !! One bottle for the collection coming up! Despite its higher alcohol volume, I prefer it neat: water makes it softer but also a bit ‘flatter’.


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