Rum Uitvlugt 1998-2012 TWA – The Nectar


The originally Dutch rum distillery Uitvlugt was one of the very last to close its doors in the Demerara region. In 2000 the last rum was produced at Uitvlugt (I wonder how they pronounce it it Guyana…) before the stills were moved to the Diamond distillery.

The stills being two French four column Savalle stills. Savalle is a French manufacturer of stills The Savalle Stills at Diamond are used for a multiple number of marks. To the exception of the El Dorado 12 and 15 blend, all are using one or more marks of the Savalle Stills.

The Rum: Uitvlugt 1998 The Whisky Agency – The Nectar

Origin: Guyana

Distilled: 1998 – French Savalle still

Bottled: 2012 (14 yo) – 253 bottles – by The Whisky Agence (Germany) and The Nectar (Belgium)

Abv: 51,7%


Nose: Punchy alcohol opens the debates. The nose is very perfumed with lots of vanilla. A surprisingly fresh nose, unlike many other Uitvlugt rums that tend to be on the more heavy side. Some light brown sugar and even a soft iodine touch, but almost no wood. After a good 15 minutes a slight sour-vegetal touch and an aroma that reminds of broken young twigs

Taste: rather sweet and again strong alcohol. The cask actually adds little or nothing to the rum – must have been one very exhausted ex-bourbon cask. does add one thing: lots of vanilla. I also get some fruity flavours, mainly apricots.

Finish: Soft fruity notes and again vanilla. Tropical fruits now (green mango) and a touch of almond. And again: almost no wood in this medium long finish


Our Score: *** A decent rum, too bad the cask influence is very limited to vanilla, vanilla and vanilla.


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