Rum New Grove Double Cask Merisier


After tasting the New Grove finished in acacia wood ( let’s have a go at that other double matured New Grove. Finished in merisier this time. Merisier or Prunus Avium….wild cherry. Not the most common type of wood for maturing distilled beverages.

The Rum: New grove Double Cask Matured Merisier

Origin: Mauritius

Distilled: n.i. ca 2004

Bottled: 2015/2016

Maturation: 7 years in French oak + 1 year in mersier

ABV: 47%


Nose:  the first thing I get in the nose is something rather sour and harsh. I even get some white cabbage. But also some very earthy aromas: humus, wet leafs and wet earth. A rather punchy alcohol influence too. At the end some cherry liquor, and I’m afraid that’s about the only thing about the nose that I like. No, just sniffing this rum it really doesn’t invite you to have a sip. But hey, it wouldn’t be the first time that a rum with a rather unpleasant nose turns out to be a nice tipple!

Taste: again a rather alcoholic start, sweet and present molasses. Punchy wood influences too. I actually get burned wood in this rum. Not smoky, but really burned wood.  Ever try to taste purified charcoal? (I admit, I did…supposed to be very good to whiten your teeth). Well…it actually has a bit of that same taste. Also a lot of walnut in the taste.

Now, I have some mixed feelings with the regular New Grove range (the 5 and 8 yo), but I do love some of their single casks. They sometimes burst with tropical fruits. Alas…there really is not a trace of that fruitiness in this rum.  Too bad !

Finish: Sweet-bitter with lots of wood, slowly growing a bit sweeter (haribo sweets). A medium long finish that ends with some herbal bitters (Unterberg)


Our Score : ** No, this merisier finishing really ads no value whatsoever to the rum. Au contraire !


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