Cachaça Vale Verde Prata


The Cachaça: Vale Verde Prata

Origin: Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Distilled: october 2014

Bottled: october 2014

Abv: 40 %

Maturation: unaged


From the award winning distillery at the ecological park of Vale Verde comes this white, unaged cachaça. Unaged is often about the same as undrinkable, only suitable for mixing. But…can we expect more from a prestigious distillery like Vale Verde? More over: can we expect more from a white cachaça with the same price tag as a young matured cachaça (€27-30)? Let’s find out !

Nose: When pouring in my glass, the first very pronounced aromas  already enter my nose. Still, the nose is rather soft and very pleasant. Lots of fresh sugar cane juice of course, but without that very typical nose of acid fermented juice that sometimes is so typical for very young and unaged cachaça. I even get some milled grains and a mineral touch (wet slate). After a good 10 minutes, a slight acid note pops up.

Taste: A very fresh first attack, without any alcohol bite. Slightly sweet with a fresh citrus touch. Also some more grassy notes and floral influences. Is that rosehip I taste? After a while, it evolves to that rather typical cachaça taste of lychees on syrup.

Finish: Again soft and sweet, and warming without becoming too alcoholic. On the cheeks it ends with sweet white fruits. A rather long finish!

Our Score: *** – a pleasant cachaça, ideal for mixing but also more than good enough for sipping. For the fans of cachaça or agricole who want to taste ‘the real thing’ : a good quality cachaça without any cask  influence


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