Cachaça Sapucaia Real 18 years – perfection exists!


The Cachaça : Sapucaia Real 18 years old

Origin: Sao Paulo – Brazilië

Distilled: before 1996, in small pot stills

Bottled: 2014

Matured: American white oak


Only a few more days and Cupula da Cachaça announces its bi-annual top-50 of best cachaças. So it’s time to discuss a real beauty with you. One that hasn’t made the list, simply because it’s availability is very limited. Only a couple hundred bottles were made.

All cachaça is guaranteed minimum 18 yo, making it the oldest cachaça available (some older cachaças on the market have younger cachaça mixed in)


The Nose: this can compete with the oldest agricole rums. Rich and very delicate, with pleasant fruity notes (mango). It even reminds us of old Longmorn whisky. Smooth, soft, with subtle hints of vanilla, and a warm sea breeze. Hints of brown sugar, but much more refined that old rum, much fresher too. Even some aniseed playing on the background.


Taste: Holy smoke!! Forget everything you know about cachaça. This is so playing on another level. This isn’t even another league, it’s another sports! The delicate sweetness is perfectly balanced with the wood influence that never gets bitter. Sugarcane influences are there, but you have to look hard to find them. Fruity notes again: lychee and pineapple on syrup. I once tried some 20 years old grappa, and this kinda reminds me.


Finish: Very consistent with the taste, and that can only be a good thing. Medium long, with again that perfect balance between sweet, fruity and wood. Some liquorice plays on the tongue as well.

Did someone say that there is no such thing as perfection? Think again: when it comes to cachaça : this is sheer and utter perfection indeed. Take your best shot at it, good folks at Cupula da Cachaça: but I’m pretty sure I already found my winner !


Our Score : ***** – yes: 5 stars allll the way! Only two places you can still find a few bottles of this beauty: at the distillery in Brazil, or at (yes, they do ship international) and TasTToe / TasTToe Two in Belgium


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