Cubanisto Rum Flavoured Beer


Let’s do something completely different today. No rum, and no cachaça…but a rum-flavoured beer.

Cubanisto Rum Flavoured Beer – 5,9% – AB Inbev


First remarkable issue: when reading the ingredients on the back of the bottle, it doesn’t say rum, only ‘contains aroma’.  Makes me think a bit of rum flavoured tobacco: it does not contain rum. But let’s give it the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Cubanisto is described by AB InBev as “inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean…with a fresh taste of citrus, orange zest and lime, accentuated by the aroma of caramalised cane sugar and treacle’

When pouring this into a beer glass, it’s amazing how they call this beer. Where’s the foam – the head? There is none, alas.

On the nose, this reminds me a bit of those 1990s alcohol free Tourtel ‘beers’, with lots of malt in the nose.

In the mouth the taste is rather sweet with again loads of malt; but the sweet touch doesn’t remind in any way of rum. It’s much more chemical. It’s a harsh sweetness with a little sour touch to it. Again much like those old alcohol free beers; but the very flat structure (no head, no pearls) makes it even worse. Who knew this was possible? Vibrant spirit of the Caribbean, orange zest, lime, treacle, sugar cane juice??? Bollocks !!

The chemical sweetness continues in the finish.


So if you – as a rum lover – are ever tempted to try this “rum flavoured beer”…well….just don’t. It’s a waste of money. An ordinary pint of lager is less expensive and much better! At ABInbev they call this premium…I rather call this absolute crap. It has got nothing to do with rum, and it has got nothing to do with beer !


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