Rum Mezan Guyana 2005


The Rum: Mezan Guyana 2005

Origin: Diamond Distillery Guyana

Abv: 40%

Distilled: 2005

Bottled: 2015

Still: Double wooden pot still from the Port Mourant Estate


Nose: a rather light and tropical nose with the molasses being lighter than to be expected from a rum made in the famous Port Mourant wooden pot still. A touch of oak and some green bananas. Give it a good 10 minutes, and you have a basket of overripe tropical fruits. Guave on top! Let it breath some more, and swirl it in the glass, and the green bananas are all over the place now. Also a slight hint of citrus.


Taste: Less sweet than expected, with a fair amount of oak coming through. Soft molasses and some spices. The official tasting notes mention ginger…but honestly: no ginger to be found in this rum! Just like other Mezan rums, this one is bottled at 40 abv; and I think that’s a shame. I’m pretty sure if you get this same rum at let’s say 46 abv, it’ll be playing in another league. Reducing it to 40 abv makes it a bit dull. So pretty please good people at Mezan: next time bottle at a higher strength !!


Finish: Nice oak with sweeter undertones; especially on the cheeks. Medium long finish, coming back with a delicate fruitiness. The official tasting notes mention citrus in the finish, but again: only with a lot of imagination maybe !


Our Score : ***


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