Jamaica 2005 – Mezan

mezan J05

The Rum: Jamaica 2005 – Mezan

Distillery: Worthy Park

Distilled: 2005

Bottled : 2015

ABV: 40%

Matured: ex-bourbon casks

Stills: copper pot still made by Forsyth’s in Scotland

Varia: uncoloured, unsweetened, slight filtration


First a word or two on Worthy Park – info gained from the Ministry of Rum check out their website, some great info to be found there!!). Currently Worthy Park is 3,600 hectares, mills 210,000 tonnes of cane annually including 90,000 tonnes produced by the Estate (the remainder purchased from Farmers) with an average annual sugar production of 24,000 tonnes and 7,000 tonnes of molasses. The Estate produces 83 tonnes of sugar cane and 10 tonnes of sugar per hectare. Since 2005, Worthy Park has been distilling molasses-based rum in an 18,000 liter copper pot still. Most of this rum is sold to blenders and bottlers. The distillery is also aging rum at the estate for sale in the future. Several different yeasts are used to make light, medium and higher ester rums.

The Nose: Soft, with stewed fruits and refined molasses. Tropical fruits with even a hint of coffee coming through. Warming and very pleasant nose, rather subtle. After a good 20 minutes more citrus influences.

The Taste: unlike some other Jamaicans, this one is definitely not too sweet. Again these rather subtle fruity notes, stewed fruits, rather vegetal with nice hints of honey. Also some vanilla.

The Finish: soft, slowly getting a bit sweeter. Medium long with just a touch of wood at the very end.

Our Score: a good sipper indeed – ***


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