Cachaça Tiara


The Cachaça: Cachaça Tiara – 42 abv

Origin: Barra Longa – Minas Gerais

Distilled: n.i.

Bottled: 2015

Matured: Jequitiba and Ipê

Fermentation: spontaneous, started with corn flower


The Nose: Fresh cane and most, herbal with hints of lychee and some rosewood. Soft and round, and rather vegetal in style. Give it a good 10 minutes and the vegetal notes fade away, making room for a soft mineral touch.

The Taste: Fresh, rather sweet for a cachaça. Is this the ipê wood kicking in? The sugarcane juice is very present, but the overall taste is soft due to the absence of strong alcoholic flavours.  This is a rather typical cachaça, albeit softer and less vegetal than many of its colleges; with a bit of a sweet touch. I see this as an excellent mixer for the better caipirinha or batida, but due to a rather one-dimensional taste and character not really as a sipper.

The Finish: Medium long on the tongue and long on the cheeks. Sweet, with no bitter wood influences. A leather-like taste at the very end gives it an extra touch. Leave it in the glass for a good 20 minutes, and the aftertaste gets a bit more bitter, with more wood coming through now.

Our Score: ***


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