Ginga da Terra Grapia Wood


The Cachaça: Ginga da Terra

ABV: not indicated

Region: Santa Cruz da Conseção – São Paulo

Distilled: n.i.

Bottled: july 13th 2015 – handfilled at the distillery during a visit

Matured in: Grapia Wood


This is our very first cachaça matured in Grapia wood, a.k.a. Brazilian Gold Wood or Apuleia Leiocarpa. The wood is often used to make hardwood floors, almost as hard as bangkirai wood. Grapia lowers the acidity and alcohol level of the cachaça, making it smoother to drink.


The Nose: very floral aromas for a cachaça, white flowers, lily of the valley. Loads of sweet summer honey and even some cognac-like notes too. Very rich and yet subtle; and a truely elegant nose ! If I would just rate this cachaça on the nose, it would get a 19/20. Love it !

The Taste: Sweet herbal taste, with the fresh sugarcane juice coming through now. THis is in fact a rather strange cachaça. Normally you have this rather vegetal cane notes in the nose, and less in the mouth; but here it’s almost absent in the nose and very present in the taste.  Powerful with subtle hints of black pepper. A fresh taste evolving towards verbena; and those hard fruity candies.

The Finish: Sweet and warming, with again that velvet honey. The wood influence is subtle without ever getting bitter. A rather long finish that slowly fades away.


Our Score: **** Excellent cachaça indeed !


Remarks: you can follow the distillery on Facebook


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  1. Roberto Negrini

    Thank you for your visit and opinion. It’s always great to hear from a non brazilian person.

    I hope you enjoyed our cachaça matured in Grápia wood and, if you are in our region in Brazil, come and visit us again to taste cachaças matured in other different woods (Carvalho, Castanheira, Umburana and Amendoim).

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