Negrita Bardinet 1970s versus 1980s



La Negrita was founded back in 1886 by Paul Bardinet. Today it’s part of la Martiniquaise.

Throughout the years their ‘Old Nick’ or ‘Negrita’ was bottled at 40°, 44°, 38°, … . There was even a 70°. Most of the time the rum was a blend of West and East Indies rums.

We once tasted a 1960s version of this rum : . Now Negrita has a bad reputation and is mainly considered a rum for mixing or cooking. But I actually kinda liked this 1960s Negrita.

Now let’s see if the 1970s and 1980s were as good.


The Rum: Negrita Bardinet 1970s (1 liter, cork, Willemes Brussels Import)

Origin: Blended

ABV: 40°

Nose: soft, with a hint of sea breeze. Elegant herbal notes

Taste: Sweet but with an edge. Fresh sugar cane juice. A metallic taste that’s rather unpleasant.

Finish: medium long, getting more and more bitter. Definitely a mixer, not a sipper !

Our score: **


The Rum: Negrita Bardinet 1980s (50 cl, screwcap, Breuval Asse Import)

Origin: blended

ABV: 38%

Nose: Very metalic and medicinal. Caramel.

Taste: Sour notes with sweet and bitter undetones. Is this really rum??

Finish: Long and sweet, candy. Getting more bitter: old, cold coffee.

Our score: *


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