Sapucaia Florida Cristal


The cachaça: Sapuciaia Velha Florida Cristal

Region: São Paulo – Brazil

Distilled: ca 20012 in copper pot stills

Bottled: 2014 at 40,5 abv

Matured for 2 years in Amendoím wood


Nose: vegetal, but without that typical smell of fresh sugarcane juice.  The vegetal notes are accompanied by some sawdust in the background. A nutty aroma is delivered by the amendoím wood.

Taste: Sweet, fres sugar cane juice. Fresh and pleasant with again a nice nutty influence.  Velvet smooth.

Finish: rather short with some nice wood influences.


Our score: ***. An allrounder that will lift your caipirinha to unknown hights, but also a more than decent sipper.

Remarks: Amendoím wood might be something completely new to many non-Brazilian afficionados.  Arachis hypogaea L – amendoím – is peanut wood. Hence the nutty influences in both taste and smell. The amendoim wood hardly influences the color of the spirit, but makes it smoother.


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