Plantation 3 Stars


Our next rum is often presented as a mixer. Now let’s see if this means it’s undrinkable as a ‘neat’ rum or not. Presenting :


The Rum: Plantation 3 Stars – 41.2 %

Origin : Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad

Distilled: not indicated

Bottled : not indicated – ca 2013, by Cognac Ferrand


Nose: Fresh sugarcane juice, but refined and subtle. Fruity aromas and vanilla, with a hint of coconut and some mango and papaya. Give it a good 20 minutes and the vanilla comes through much stronger, accompanied by green bananas and some more powerful spices


Taste: Soft, fruity : banana, tropical fruits.  Also some orange zest and a minty freshness. Medium sweet. Seems to me it’s mostly the Barbados rum doing the talking here, with the Jamaican rum playing second violin, giving the whole a bit more power. Now this might miss some complexity, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with this rum. It goes down real smooth and easy.


Finish: like the taste, but a little less pronounced. A little oaky bitterness and the very end. Nice, but rather short. Let the finish last a bit longer, and you gain an extra point.


Our Score : ***

Remarks :This is a blend of unaged rum from Barbados; a clear filtered 3-year-old rum from Trinidad, and the Jamaican composed of two Jamaican styles, an unaged rum  and a small amount of  12-year-old rum.

A mixer? Maybe. But highly drinkable ‘neat’. And more important : for around €20 this is excellent value for your money !


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