Sunset Very Strong Rum – 84.5%



Let’s try a bit of a special rum now…one that has bene bottled at a whopping 84.5 abv. One that is intended to use as a mixer or as a float, and NOT for drinking neat.  Something we did do however…since it’s the only way to make some tasting notes. Mind you…apparently the locals drink it straight up, immediately chased down with a glass of water or soda. Locally available for around U$ 7 – 8

So without further ado…. (and with many thanks to Diederik for smuggling this one in his suitcase for me)

The Rum: Sunset Very Strong Rum – 84.5 abv

Origin: St. Vincent and Grenadines

Distilled: ca 2013 in 2 column stills by St. Vincent Distillers Ltd

Bottled: ca 2013

Unaged overproof rum from fermented molasses


Nose: alcohol all the way..but that’s no surprise really. Fresh sugar cane juice, clean aromas, whiff of white pepper

Taste: hottttttt. Again fresh sugar cane juice, with a hint of coconut and a slight bitter undertone.  Allpossible finesse is drawned in the alcohol of course.

Finish: mediumlong and warm, with notes of white chocolate and woody dryness.  Not for the faint hearted !

Our Score : ***


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