Guatemala Gran Anejo Plantation


Why not continue our walk through the Plantation range with this one :

The Rum: Plantation Guatemala Gran Anejo – 42 abv

Origin: Guatemala. No distillery is indicated but since there’s only one left in Guatemala: Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala – home of the rather famous Zacapa. Other distilleries in Guatemala don’t make rum but aguardiente (according to law in Guatemala regarding rum)

Distilled: not indicated

Bottled : ca 2012


Nose: Very fine perfume of white flowers (lily of the valley) with rich vanilla, coconut and even a slight sea breeze. Some typical rum aroma’s, but more refined and subtle than  your average rum. After a good 15 minutes also more herbal : like a meadow on a hot summer day.

Taste: sweeter than to be expected after the nosing. Sugarcane, but nothing to brutal. Finesse is yet again the word here. A little oak, but never getting to bitter. Dry fruits now going side by side with dark chocolate. Brown sugar too.

Finish : the sweetness stays, the finish is very long; slowly getting a wee bit dryer with the chocolate notes slowly making room for herbal bonbons. Again refined yet rather powerful.  A Central-American beauty to cherish !


Our Score : ****


Remarks : Rum from Guatemala lies somewhere in between the rum traditionel and the rhum agricole I guess. To be labled rum in Guatemala the spirit must be distilled from so called  “fermented virgin sugar cane honey” : a dark sweet syrup made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. You filter the fresh sugar cane juice and boil off the water until the syrup contains about 72% sugar. Most of the sugar cane is cut by hand, after being burned to make it easier to cut the cane. This way the sugar is partially caramelized .


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