Trinidad 1999 by Plantation


The Rum : Trinidad 1999 – 42 abv

Distilled: 1999 – in column-still

Bottled: ca 2008 by Plantation

Cask: bourbon cask maturation – finished in cognac casks.


Nose: light with a lot of citrus notes, vanilla and red berries. Also some toast and cognaclike hints. For some reason, this strikes to me as being the Redbreast under the Rums. Which is a good thing – I do like Redbreast Irish Whiskey !


Taste: sweet, soft and elegant. Coconut and banana. Also some marzipan and very soft spices.  This is a light-bodied, easy going rum.


Finish: Elegant and medium long, going towards candied fruit and peaches in syrup.


Our score : ***

Remarks : I normally like Trinidad rum from Caroni a lot, due to its smokey hints coming through. No smoke whatsoever in this Trinidad Rum. Was this made by the fine people at Angosture – where they use molasses coming in from the Caribbean basin, including Dominican Republic, Guyana and Panama?


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